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Onions Description

One of vegetables which we dry, color is white, we have it as, flakes, minced and powder. The onion has been used as an ingredient in various dishes for thousands of years by many cultures around the world. World onion production is steadily increasing so that onion is now the second most important horticultural crop after tomatoes. There are many different varieties of onion, red, yellow, white, and green, each with their own unique flavor, from very strong to mildly sweet. Onions can be eaten raw, cooked, fried, dried or roasted. They are commonly used to flavor dips, salads, soups, spreads, stir-fry and other dishes. Onion One of the oldest cultivated vegetables, the onion comes in an amazing array of shapes, colors and degrees of "hotness." The following primarily Japanese varieties have flavors mild and sweet enough to feature in a salad or add raw to a sandwich. In Asia, onions are a popular addition to soups, as they are in the West, and they also are often pickled.