Orange peel

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  • Category Herbs
  • Name Orange peel

Orange peel Description

This is the peels of orange fruit which we dried. Orange peels can be used for • flavouring your spirits- Take some fresh organic orange peel and leave to soak and infuse its flavour for at least 2 weeks in a bottle of gin or vodka. Use around one orange peel for each 8 fl oz of spirit. • exfoliating your skin- Place your orange peels in a dehydrator or in a very low heat oven for around 6-8 hours or place on a window sill for a couple of days. Once the orange peels are reasonably dry, place them in a food processor and grind into a coarse powder, add roughly ground sea salt and you have the best exfoliator there is! • a spa bath.- Dry the orange peels as above or in the strong sun, then grind to a coarse powder. Use this powder to infuse your bath water with antioxidants and the finest scent imaginable! • kindling- The oil in orange peels is flammable, so orange peels make the perfect scented kindling and really give a fantastic boost to your fire.